Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
School Statistics  
School Statistics

Year of Foundation


Total No. of Students as on 28.08.2014


Level of the school in Session Level (2014-2015)

 Senior Secondary

Streams offered at Senior Secondary Level (2014-2015


Physical Infrastructure

Total No. of rooms


Particulars of own land

2.30 acres / 9307.76972 sqm.

Area of land:

2.30 acres / 9307.76972 sqm.

Covered Area

1415 sqm.

Open Area

9712.8 sqm.

School Facilities

Physics Laboratory
Biology Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Computer Science Laboratory
Maths Laboratory
Music Room
Art & Craft Room
Library Room
Sports Room
Staff Room


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D.A.V. Public School

Urimari Sayal Area, C.C.L.
Hazaribagh - 825311 JHARKHAND 
Phone No :  +91-8235127468
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Website: www.davpsurimari.in

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